[mythtv-users] hauppauge hvr-1800 very low volume

genius9976 at yahoo.com genius9976 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 6 04:27:57 UTC 2008

Yes, I cannot get digital stations loud enough even with everything turned all the way up.  If my signal coming is is just at a low volume, then my old mythbox must have done something about it.  I used to have a pchdtv-5500 (it died) attached to the same source and did not have this problem.  I was also using a different mobo (with onboard sound) and Fedora 8 with a slightly older version of myth.  I just kind of assumed the problem was with the new card.

Also, in general myth sounds a little quiet.  For example, playing mp3s with the volume all the way up in myth is not as loud as doing the same in rhythmbox.

Any idea how to get more volume on digital stations, or even why I'm now having trouble and wasn't before?

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