[mythtv-users] EPG time data in germany - about 3 minutes at the end of each recording is lost

Thorsten Barth Thorsten.Barth at gmx.net
Fri Jul 4 05:34:42 UTC 2008


I am using MythTV with DVB-S in germany (Astra 19.2E).

But whatever I record, I am losing about 2-3 minutes of the end of each 
broadcast unless I tell MythTV to add some minutes to the end. But this 
is annoying and I am having trouble if I want to record multiple shows 
directly after each other, even if on the same channel.

Is the EPG data not accurate? The clock in the PC is synchronized with 
an internet time server...

Once, in analogue TV, there was a technique that transmitted a code as 
soon as a movie started... I think it was called VPS?! Is it really the 
case that today one must rely on time instead of having a live-signal 
that can tell mythTv how long the recording has to be? I consider this 
stone-age... Or did I miss something essential?

Kind Regards

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