[mythtv-users] Long coax (was Re: Questions about Hauppauge...)

Peter VanDerWal peter at vanderwal.us
Thu Jul 3 10:44:07 UTC 2008

> Thanks.  I'll probably give it a try.  For right now at least the STB,
> HD-PVR, and TV are all in the same general vicinity.  I can probably
> get away with 3 foot runs (maybe even less,
 I may eventually
> move the HD-PVR closer to the back-end.  This would mean probably a
> 25' run, but it sounds like even at that distance you are not having
> any quality issues.

I used the RapidRun coax system.  It's a bundled, 5 coax, cable with a
single multipin connector on each end.  Then you just buy appropriate wall
plates (HDMI, Component + audio, Composite + S-Video, etc.)
It's good quality stuff, easy to pull, and looks professional when you're
finished. Plus it's reasonably priced.


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