[mythtv-users] Questions about Hauppauge HD-PVR (1212)

Mark Hutchinson mark at westviewsystems.com
Tue Jul 1 17:40:51 UTC 2008

John Welch wrote:
> OK, some may say this is OT since the question isn't directly about
> MythTV, and especially since this device isn't supported in MythTV
> yet.  However, I'm pretty sure some people on the list already have
> the device, and more will get it once the Linux drivers mature and it
> gets integrated with myth, so here goes.
> I got the Hauppauge HD-PVR unit last week, but so far I really haven't
> had much chance to test it.  However, my brief testing raised a couple
> of questions/concerns.
> First, kind of a silly one, but does anyone know if the unit is
> supposed to illuminate in blue around the top edge like I've seen in
> some on-line photos?  Mine does not do this.  I saw a post on another
> forum where someone else alluded to this as well in the form of a
> question, but no one answered on that forum.  I don't really care if
> it does or does not light up, but I want to make sure I don't have a
> defective unit.
> Second, when I first saw the unit I was a bit concerned about how I
> would set it up because I use the component output of my STB to
> connect up to my TV, and this is my primary source of live TV viewing.
>  However, I was happy to see the "pass-through" component out of the
> device, but then a little less happy when I found that the device had
> to be on for this to work.  Overall I can deal with the device having
> to be on, but what I'm finding is that the unit throws off a fair
> amount of heat when it is on.  I know the first batch had issues with
> over-heating to the point of failure.  I have a "Rev C2" unit, which I
> think is latest, and it hasn't actually failed to the point of turning
> off or anything like that.  Still, I would describe it as "very warm"
> to the touch, and it certainly can raise the temp in the room a few
> degrees after being on for a bit.  In the winter I probably wouldn't
> mind this, but dead in the middle of summer I don't need anything
> making the room warmer.  To make matters worse the only way I can see
> to control the power of the unit is through the switch on the front of
> it; no remote control, no software control, or anything like that.
> So, are others seeing this same level of "warming"?  Also, am I
> missing something with the power control.
> Lastly, I've seen some discussion about needing a fairly high-powered
> machine to play back the recordings from this device, but not a whole
> lot on the specs required just to record from the device.  To me it
> seems like you need a fairly good amount of horsepower in order to
> record as well as playback.  Are others seeing the same?  Also, what
> are people using for recording settings?
> Any info on any of these points would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> John
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I have this box running with the alpha driver and trunk.  Functional to 
a point.  HD-SD seems to lock up.  HD-HD channel changes are fine.
Mine does ( v1 ) does not get warm or seem to have over heating 
problems.  Though my power button does not work on it.  Strange.
I run a 3.0ghz core2duo and playback is great.
Mine does not have the blue light you mention either.
Once this box is stable and fully supported, it will be fantastic.  HD 
channels now through it are flawless and look amazing.

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