[mythtv-users] HD thin client?

Scott D. Davilla davilla at 4pi.com
Wed Jan 30 18:33:38 UTC 2008

>  > However, if I were just looking for a small, silent front end, I
>>  would just buy another 2GHz MacMini and be done with it. Small silent
>>  yet very fast with the 2GHz Core2 Duo and it has no problem with
>>  software decode of 1080i mpeg2 content.
>>  It has everything you need for a mythfrontend, video, audio and IR.
>>  Plus you can choose to run OSX and FrontRow (with the new MythTV
>>  launcher which is great) or run linux and the standard mythfrontend
>>  bits. Or with the work being done regarding Myth on windows, install
>>  WinXP and run a mythfront end that way.
>you can buy two Apple TVs for one MacMini, though.

Yes, but the MacMini is a 100 percent solution, the AppleTV is not 
quite there yet. So you can choose to spend more dollars or spend 
more time fiddling. My AppleTV is not deployed to the living room yet 
because I don't want to hear comments from my significant other that 
it froze again watching HDTV on channel 5 (1080i ATSC). Crash her TV 
watching and sparks will fly.

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