[mythtv-users] HD thin client?

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Wed Jan 30 18:38:00 UTC 2008

>>  > However, if I were just looking for a small, silent front end, I
>>>  would just buy another 2GHz MacMini and be done with it. Small silent
>>>  yet very fast with the 2GHz Core2 Duo and it has no problem with
>>>  software decode of 1080i mpeg2 content.
>>>  It has everything you need for a mythfrontend, video, audio and IR.
>>>  Plus you can choose to run OSX and FrontRow (with the new MythTV
>>>  launcher which is great) or run linux and the standard mythfrontend
>>>  bits. Or with the work being done regarding Myth on windows, install
>>>  WinXP and run a mythfront end that way.
>>you can buy two Apple TVs for one MacMini, though.

    It's also a complete desktop PC that has no problems
running any x86 OS. If you get bored with MythTV or if
a better frontend comes along or if HDCP gets you down,
you can always just use it as a Mac.

> Yes, but the MacMini is a 100 percent solution, the AppleTV is not
> quite there yet. So you can choose to spend more dollars or spend
> more time fiddling. My AppleTV is not deployed to the living room yet
> because I don't want to hear comments from my significant other that
> it froze again watching HDTV on channel 5 (1080i ATSC). Crash her TV
> watching and sparks will fly.

    From what I hear, MythTV is just crash prone when it comes to
OTA HDTV. I have had the same problems and my frontend is a full
fledged mini.

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