[mythtv-users] UPnP and MythVideo

Tom Greer trgreer at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 17:40:18 UTC 2008

Scanning my master backend log files as I periodically do, I noticed the

2008-01-30 08:19:32.180 UPnpMedia: BuildMediaMap VIDEO scan starting in
2008-01-30 08:19:32.186 UPnpMedia: BuildMediaMap Done. Found 0 objects

I don't use UPnP, so I've never paid any attention in the past.  But, since
I've been considering a UPnP device, it caught my eye.  I wondered why Myth
was not finding any of my 1.5TB of videos copied to this same server.

The answer, of course, was that it was looking in the wrong directory.  But
why?  MythVideo is properly displaying the files on all of the frontends and
frontend/backend slaves.

After reflecting on this for a few moments, I recalled that every time I set
up a new frontend, I need to reconfigure the MythVideo directories.  This
means that MythVideo's design is for each frontend to have its own separate
library of videos.

My problem is that my masterbackend is a server in a closet and has not been
connected to a display since it was born many years ago.  Whenever needed,
mythtv-setup is run remotely via ssh.  Mythfrontend has never been executed
on this machine.

To fix the problem, I fired up the frontend app via ssh and configured the
MythVideo directory.

I've posted this here to help anyone else who stumbles upon the problem --
but also to ask "why?"

Isn't the most typical configuration of MythVideo to share the same library
of videos to all clients?  Wouldn't it make sense to offer an option to have
all frontends share the same MythVideo General settings?  After all, UPnP
appears to expect that to be the configuration.

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