[mythtv-users] Recording/live-tv video quality (aka do PVR150 encoders suck?)

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jan 29 15:27:26 UTC 2008

Dan Christensen wrote:
> Scott,
> I think you should make a short sample of a recording available to see
> what others think, since many of us use PVRxxx cards with no discernible
> loss of quality.  This leads me to suspect something is off in your 
> set-up.  Have you tried using the PVR card's tuner just as a comparison
> point?  I know you are doing an apples to apples comparison, but it
> might just be that composite input is a weak point with those cards
> and you might find an alternative method that is better.  I have used
> cable input and S-video input on a PVR-350, and both are excellent.
> Don't just chalk it up to people not caring about the quality.  Many
> of us do, and it is fine.

Agreed, a sample file would be helpful. The OP either has something 
wrong or is inordinately critical.

I never said a PVR is perfect, but it is certainly adequate for the 
purpose. Much better than VHS quality for example.

It's similar to the quality I get from my Plextor ConvertX units, but 
Myth does not support the MPEG2 modes of those devices.

I am not aware of how to get much better quality without adding a zero 
to the price tag.


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