[mythtv-users] uPNP and the PS3

Darren Hart darren at dvhart.com
Mon Jan 28 22:33:02 UTC 2008

I'm experimenting using my Playstation 3 as a uPNP client for playing MythTV 
content (rather than my MVPMC client).  The PS3 offers a much 
prettier/snappier interface which I like and the playback and seek is real 
smooth, but the uPNP interface has some issues I wanted to run by folks to 
see if there was a solution.

o The recordings/By Title don't seem to be in any logical order (I would 
expect to see them in descending date of recording order).

o There doesn't appear to be a way to delete a recording once you've watched 
it.  I really like the convenience of the real MythTV clients where I can 
watch the recording, return to the menu, and quickly delete the recording.  
Is this a limitation in the generic uPNP design, or is it just not quite 
implemented in the MythTV uPNP server?

Note: On the PS3 the only way to delete the recording is to use MythWeb (which 
is too small to be legible from 12 feet away on a 40" 1080p screen).

o The Music listings are very awkward.  Listing music by Album lists albums 
once for every song if they have various artits.  There isn't a "By Artitst" 
listing - this would be the most useful listing from my Point of View.

I'd welcome any ideas to improve using the PS3 as a Myth Client (natively via 
uPNP, not booting to Linux).  

Alteratively, it would be interesting to be able to use a customized version 
MythWeb to navigate recordings and kick off playback via uPNP... is there 
some kind of defined url, like "upnp://path/to/selected/recording.mpg" ?


Darren Hart

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