[mythtv-users] xbmcmythtv script settings for 0.20.2

Christopher Friend christopher_friend at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 28 22:11:29 UTC 2008

>  Hey, is anyone running 0.20.2 and using
the xbmcmythtv script on XBMC for the Xbox?
> If so, what settings do you
use in xbmcmythtv and any specific ones on the backend pc?
> I keep
getting an error in xbmcmythtv about a mysql "conn" error

sorted, used the guide at:
with the same settings posted earlier, other than "smb://%h/ubuntu704" now being "smb://" which i don't spose makes much difference, and the password for OLD_PASSWORD and in xbmcmythtv being the same as my normal mysql myth password.

fwiw, the guide goes a little like this:

0. In /etc/mysql/conf.d , uncomment bind-address and make it = 192.168.X.X or whatever your main eth lan address is. Login to MySQL as the root usermysql -u root -pSET PASSWORD for mythtv = OLD_PASSWORD('mythtv'); - where ‘mythtv’ is the password that is configured in the MythTV settings on the XBox.Test the settings in MythTV on the XBoxPat yourself on the back when it works and then go to bed…

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