[mythtv-users] The final nail in the RIAA - the curve accelerates AGAIN

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Jan 28 15:53:21 UTC 2008

Stroller wrote:
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7213112.stm
>    Labels deny deals on file sharing
>    Three major record labels have denied signing deals allowing their
>    music to feature on a new file-sharing service offering unlimited
>    free downloads.
>    The service, Qtrax, boasted it would carry up to 30 million tracks
>    from "all the major labels".
>    But Warner, EMI and Universal all say they have not licensed their
>    music.
>    Qtrax said it expected an agreement to be reached with Warner and
>    that terms had been agreed with the others even if deals had not
>    been formally signed.
>    Qtrax aims to allow users to download music from the major labels
>    for free, with advertising revenue used to pay licensing fees.
>    But Warner says it "has not authorised the use of our content on
>    Qtrax's recently-announced service".
>    And Universal and EMI said discussions with Qtrax were still ongoing
>    but that licensing deals were not in place.
>    A spokesman for Sony BMG - the other "big four" record label - was
>    not available for comment.

Maybe that's the answer, drive a wedge between the RIAA and its member 


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