[mythtv-users] The final nail in the RIAA - the curve accelerates AGAIN

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Mon Jan 28 15:46:35 UTC 2008


   Labels deny deals on file sharing

   Three major record labels have denied signing deals allowing their
   music to feature on a new file-sharing service offering unlimited
   free downloads.

   The service, Qtrax, boasted it would carry up to 30 million tracks
   from "all the major labels".

   But Warner, EMI and Universal all say they have not licensed their

   Qtrax said it expected an agreement to be reached with Warner and
   that terms had been agreed with the others even if deals had not
   been formally signed.

   Qtrax aims to allow users to download music from the major labels
   for free, with advertising revenue used to pay licensing fees.

   But Warner says it "has not authorised the use of our content on
   Qtrax's recently-announced service".

   And Universal and EMI said discussions with Qtrax were still ongoing
   but that licensing deals were not in place.

   A spokesman for Sony BMG - the other "big four" record label - was
   not available for comment.

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