[mythtv-users] Recording/live-tv video quality (aka do, PVR150 encoders suck?)

Charles H. Chapman ccmail at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 28 12:17:13 UTC 2008

"Scott Traurig" <straurig at comcast.net> wrote:

 > At this point it seems that most myth users must be
 > insensitive to quality and I am in a minority here.
 > It also seems the only way I'll ever know is to
 > upgrade my cable service to HD so that I can use
 > either the S-video or firewire outputs on the HD STB.

Well, I for one agree with you.  The encoding from the PVR card (a 250 
in my case) is inferior to the source material, even using S-video from 
the DirecTV box.  One problem in particular is the apparent lack of 
luminance AGC in the tuner.  On a normal TV this is done in hardware (or 
maybe software in newer TVs) but it seems to be missing from the 
hardware/software of the 250.  The result is that scenes, particularly 
lettering, on a mostly white screen get washed out.


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