[mythtv-users] upnpmedia polling

Rick Hudson rick at kpo.org.nz
Mon Jan 28 09:28:21 UTC 2008

Greg Estabrooks wrote:

>> regularly doing something called BuildMediaMap using a hard-coded interval of 
>> 1800 seconds.
>> Is this really necessary? What are the consequences of disabling this on my 
>  It's used for upnp media streaming of mythvideo content.  If it doesn't
> check for new videos placed in your video directory tree then it would 
> never see anything newly added until the next time you restart the backend.
> If you increase the timer or disable it, it will wont cause you any problems
> unless you are using a upnp client to stream the videos such as 
> ps3/xbox360 etc :)

Right. Thanks for shedding light on that! Server silence has been restored.

>> local copy until a more sleep-friendly solution arises?
>  I hadn't considered people who put their drives to sleep when I added 
> the timer but I might be swayed to make the timer value configurable.

If the core functionality of mythvideo doesn't need this then an option to 
switch it off altogether would be nice. ;-)

I presume this is not something that can be kicked by a client query instead 
of doing just-in-cast rescans?

Rick Hudson

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