[mythtv-users] upnpmedia polling

Rick Hudson rick at kpo.org.nz
Mon Jan 28 05:45:13 UTC 2008


I tried upgrading my mythtv to the trunk version (from 0.20 fixes) and have 
noticed a few days later that my media drive that mythvideo is pointed at 
keeps spinning up every 1/2 hour (it's normally spun down except when playing 
movies or backing up). That's 48 spin-ups per day up from 2 or 3.

After following the breadcrumbs I found that a new upnpmedia class is 
regularly doing something called BuildMediaMap using a hard-coded interval of 
1800 seconds.

Is this really necessary? What are the consequences of disabling this on my 
local copy until a more sleep-friendly solution arises?

Rick Hudson
http://www.kpo.org.nz/                                        rick at kpo.org.nz

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