[mythtv-users] Playing ripped DVD slow

faginbagin mythtv at hbuus.com
Sun Jan 27 18:03:57 UTC 2008

Ripping "perfect vobs" works for me. However, I found I need to run:
mythcommflag --video to build seek tables for the .vobs. If I don't do
that, fast forward, rewind don't work well, sometimes mythfrontend locks
up (I have a patch), and I can lose sound during playback (although
exiting/restarting playback restores sound).

I think the right sequence is:
1) rip your vobs.
2) Go to Utilities/Setup -> Video Manager so mythtv "discovers" the new vobs
3) Execute the command:
mythcommflag --video <full-path-to-videos-dir>/<new-vob_file> ...


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