[mythtv-users] Video card: GeForce 7300LE ok? TV + desktop dual use?

Todd mythtv at vbref.org
Sun Jan 27 07:34:24 UTC 2008


On the criteria of really cheap + nvidia + fanless + svideo out, I'm
considering a GeForce 7300-based PCI-Express card to replace a PCI
card that's currently in the box and taking up a PCI slot I want to
fill with a third tuner:

 MSI NX7300LE-TD128EH - $29.99
 GeForce 7300LE 128MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Express x16 Video Card 

Q1: Is it reasonable to expect low drama with this card with respect
to drivers?   

Q2: On my Ubuntu based frontend+backend+pc system, will this enable me
        a) watch myth on an old tube TV with svideo input
      while also
        b) doing other stuff on the VGA monitor connected via dsub?

Q3: If not... would leaving my existing PCI video card in the system
as well possibly enable that scenario?

I've never done dual monitors on anything, particularly Linux, and am
not sure how well Linux supports TV outputs, etc.  I'm not sure if the
outputs on these cards look like separate displays to the OS, or if
they're just different interfaces for the single "display"?  It would
be spiffy to put the old tube TV to some good use in this capacity,

Thanks much for any insight! 


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