[mythtv-users] 3 minor issues

George Mari george_mythusers at mari1938.org
Sun Jan 27 02:18:59 UTC 2008

Harry Devine wrote:
> Harry Devine wrote:
>> Secondly, whenever my Myth box reboots (maintenance, power outage, 
>> etc.), the mythbackend process restarts as expected, but it changes the 
>> channel on my STB to channel 117.  How can I either stop this from 
>> happening, or at least change it to a different channel?
 > Can I assume by the lack of responses that NOBODY is having issues
 > like this?  And NOBODY is using firewire or having their frontends
 > starting automatically?

For your second minor issue:

1. Open a shell on your backend.  Run mythtvsetup on the backend.  If 
you have a separate frontend and backend machine, and you don't have X 
running on your backend, you can use the '-X' option when invoking ssh 
to connect to your backend, and mythtvsetup will open a window on the 
machine you invoke ssh from, assuming it's running X.
2. When mythtvsetup starts, choose option 4, 'Input connections'.  You 
can use your arrow keys on your keyboard, and then press enter once 
number 4 is highlighted.  You can be adventurous and try entering '4' 
3. In the screen that follows, locate your tuner/video source 
combination.  You can use the same arrow key business as in the previous 
  step, then press enter on the keyboard.
4. On the screen that appears next, use the up or down arrow keys to 
highlight the field labeled 'Preset tuner to channel'.  Once this field 
is highlighted, change the value from 117 to whatever channel you want 
the tuner to be on when the backend starts.
5. Select the 'Finish' button by pressing the 'Alt-F' key combination, 
or use the up/down arrow keys to highlight the button, and then press 
the enter key.
6. Use the escape key to exit all the way out back to the shell.

To test,

1. Wait for a period of time where neither tuner is recording anything.
2. Use the 'Watch Tv' function from the frontend to select the tuner you 
made the changes to, and change it to some channel other than the one 
you set in the previous set of steps.
3. Exit from your frontend.
4. Restart your backend - either the machine itself or just the 
mythbackend process, whatever your more comfortable with.
5. After the server is back up or mythbackend has restarted, start 
6. Choose the 'Watch Tv' function.  You should see that it now tunes to 
the channel you preset in the first set of steps.

Some alternatives to following these steps:

1. Search the wiki at http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
2. Search the list archives at 

Both of those together will probably take you less time than it took me 
to type in these detailed steps for you.

Good luck.

George Mari

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