[mythtv-users] Viktor's Bob deint patch for interlaced modelines

nospam312 nospam312 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 11:48:51 UTC 2008

> That's one of the 2 things that's stopping me from moving to trunk from 0.20
> I have 2 "hacks" in my version:
>  1) "Viktors" bob hack.
>  2) My own hack to workaround a bug in xvmc output, where if there's more
> than one audio stream in an MPEG-TS file, output stutters and slows down to
> a grind. My hack filters out the extra audio stream when it's recorded (it
> simply uses the first audio stream it finds, not strictly correct but it
> works!). Unfortunately the multi-rec changes have really changed the way
> recordings are done and I can't find where to insert my hack yet.

I have posted about the longstanding XvMC problem of stuttering
playback several times in the past but must have missed this fix.  Any
chance you can let the thread know if you can fix for the trunk

What do you think are the chances of getting these two fixes added to
the official MythTV release even if it is via a backdoor of changing
two flags in the database directly if they can't be added to the GUI?
It seems a pity that some UK users can't use MythTV to its full

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