[mythtv-users] Does this card do hardware mpeg2 encoding?

Justin The Cynical cynical at penguinness.org
Sat Jan 26 09:04:07 UTC 2008

Don Brett wrote:
> I came across a cheap capture card - Sabrent Philips7130 PCI TV 
> Tuner/Video Capture Card w/Remote
> http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=TV-PCIRC&cm_mmc=geekmail-_-daily_html-_-22jan08_ISEE-_-ISEEproduct
> Does it do hardware encoding, or would I have to do something in 
> software?  Thanks,

Tough call.

The geeks web site says it needs a P3 900, which screams software 
encoding to me.

However, the sabrent web site says that it only needs a 366, which would 
be a hardware encoding card.  And of course, the model numbers match but 
the pictures show two different card designs.

IF you were to get this card, I would assume that it's software encoding 
and plan accordingly for the setup.  That way if it is hardware 
encoding, it's a nice surprise and a bonus!  :-)

However, for not much more (about 40), one can pick up 1st gen air2pc 
ATSC cards off of ebay that will more than likely work perfectly for 
you.  And with the oncoming switch to digital only, it might be worth 
grabbing a card now.  A beat-the-rush kind of thing IMO.

I snagged one before they became popular, so it only cost me around 20.

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