[mythtv-users] The end of analog - Digital Converter Vaporware?

Tom Poe tompoe at fngi.net
Thu Jan 24 21:55:03 UTC 2008

Brian Wood wrote:
> Tom Poe wrote:
>> In my small town, I proposed this affordable "last mile solution", but 
>> it was rejected outright with threats from Qwest to the city leaders if 
>> they let a community based project go forward, and a letter from Iowa's 
>> governor cautioning me to make sure I didn't do anything illegal. 
> I wonder who put your governor up to writing that letter.
> That's the biggest problem with the US government. It does nothing to 
> protect or serve the citizenry, just the corporate entities who finance 
> campaigns.
> beww
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Good question, Brian.  The mayor and the governor provided letters that 
are so similar, it's obvious they're both tainted by the same talking 
points.  Someone sold them a stock position they should take, when 
anyone drifts from the corporate line.  It would take alot for me to be 
convinced money isn't changing hands with the culprits being the 
telcos/cablecos who are using profits we provide, to grease the palms of 
corrupt officials.  Hard to fight that tactic.

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