[mythtv-users] Are there any Capture Card / Digi Box combinations where the card can control the Digibox?

Fredrik Hallgarde mythtv at tedde.nu
Thu Jan 24 10:24:41 UTC 2008

Topi Hukkanen skrev:
> Ok, can you then recommend a capture card that works on Ubuntu with 
> MythTV, and supports the little "pay card" so I can PVR with the pay 
> channels to which I have subscribed?
> On Jan 24, 2008 12:00 PM, Brian Wood < beww at beww.org 
> <mailto:beww at beww.org>> wrote:
>     Topi Hukkanen wrote:
>     > That is,
>     >
>     > Are there any card/box combos where the card can change the
>     channel on
>     > the digibox, etc?
>     >
>     >
>     > Or, I can approach this problem from a different angle...
>     >
>     > Are there any capture cards that would work with DVB-T, Ubuntu,
>     Myth-TV,
>     > and would allow me to insert the little "pay card", which
>     descrambles
>     > the locked channels that you pay for?
>     >
>     > Sorry, I don't really know the lingo yet... so I hope my
>     explanations
>     > are OK.
>     I think you are asking about a CableCard solution for Linux.
>     I don't think there is any such thing at this time, and very likely
>     there will never be. Linux users are "a bunch of pirates" according to
>     the Hollywood Types.
>     beww
My guess is that Topi lives in Europe where CableCard is (TTBOMK) not in 
use, instead we have DVB-T with a few must carry channels and additional 
channels by subscription which gives you a card to insert into your TV 
or most likely external tuner box (as most people currently do not have 
DVB-T tuners in their TV-sets).
Solutions to use these cards in linux to descramble the signal for the 
channels you are paying for exist but it is my understanding that such 
solutions are a "grey" area and preferred not to be discussed on this list.

One way that is cumbersome but as far as I know perfectly legal (IANAL) 
is to connect the S-video out of the external tuner box (which has the 
card inserted) to an analog s-video in card while controlling the box 
with an ir-transmitter...


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