[mythtv-users] MythTV as a Gift (Hardware Recommendations)

Michael Nguyen michaeln at twentyten.org
Thu Jan 24 01:23:16 UTC 2008

Bill Omer wrote:
> The main reason I recommend not having the OS and storage on the same
> drive is if that drive dies, now you loose everything.  Where as if
> you had them separated, it's a little easier to recover.  I do nightly
> backups of my database and store it on both my system disk as well as
> my storage disk.  This way if I loose the system disk, it's an easy
> recover.  The problem is I can't recover from a drive crash on my
> storage though, which is why using raid0 would be a good idea.
> [snip]
So just to clarify, the discussion here is about redundancy and not 
performance.  With a RAID-1, the disks would still be in contention 
during recordings and really even during reads.  If the issue is just 
redundancy, then I'm not as concerned.  If you're saying that the Myth 
processes are disk I/O intensive enough to where they interfere with 
recording and playback, then I'd definitely be concerned.  I think that 
two 750s will still be fine here.  There are many other options of 
backing up these files that don't require using up the limited resources 
of the MythTV box.

> *one key thing to note here is that using multiple directories to
> store recordings is an option only available in SVN.
> _______________________________________________
I'm hoping that MythTV will allow me to be a bit creative with this.  
We'll see.   Ok guys, I'm buying tonight.  With your suggestions, I made 
two changes:

GeForce 7300GT --> GeForce 8400GS
SATA DVD Burner --> IDE DVD Burner (for the limitations of the Antec Fusion)

Actually, I do have one more question.  Silver or Black for the Antec 
Fusion 430?  I was going to go with Silver, but I was wondering if those 
who owned it had a different opinion.


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