[mythtv-users] startup frontend, video and sound static (ivtv fixes)

Brian Phillips abitlater at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 00:28:03 UTC 2008


I'm a newb, with 2 issues which I think are inter-related.  First, I have
Ubuntu 7.10, WinTV PVR 150 (Hauppauge PCI card), Intel CPU P4 3.0 GHz, and
video card is ATI Radeon Pro 9700.

1) When I start mythtv frontend, the channel listing (program listing) shows
up fine, but the picture-in-picture only has about the top-third showing in
the black PIP box.  And, that 1/3 at the top looks like it is 3 frames
across and appears heavily interlaced.  I have static for sound also.

If I press 'esc', I get the full screen (640x480) of static video and static
sound, but no longer interlaced.

In terminal, if I type: ivtv-tune -c 62
this changes the frontend to channel 62 and everything looks and sounds

2) Now if I type 65 in the frontend window, the channel appears to change,
but all I get is static.  I do get some on-screen display showing that it
knows I want to change to channel 65. But I have to go back to ivtv-tune and
manually change the channel from the terminal.  I haven't tried scheduling a
recording yet, but I suspect it won't fly.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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