[mythtv-users] Processor

Sam Logen starz909 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 23 21:34:47 UTC 2008

--- Greg Mischel Smith <gregms at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm in the process of building my HTPC with
> Mythbuntu for playing Over the
> air HDTV.
> I have an AMD 3800+ Dual-Core processor on my home
> desktop and I just
> purchased an AMD 5000+ Dual-Core processor.
> My desktop computer is running just fine on the
> 3800+, but I thought it
> might be nice to upgrade it and move the 3800+ to my
> HTPC. Would I have a
> better experience on my HTPC using the 5000+
> processor versus the 3800+, or
> will the difference not be noticed.

Hi, I'm using the same 3800+ processor for my HTPC
setup (both a frontend and backend mythtv setup),
which has one analog card and one digital card.  I've
had no problems with it, except when I watch HD
programs while recording analog, I get stuttering -
but I think that's due to me using only one hard drive
for the system, and it probably gets bottlenecked.


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