[mythtv-users] Closed Captions: PVR-150 vs. 250

faginbagin mythtv at hbuus.com
Wed Jan 23 07:14:30 UTC 2008

I'm running something pretty close to what you have, Ubuntu edgy with
2.6.22, ivtv 1.0.0, with a PVR-150. I found it necessary to set the
widthxheight to 720x480 and bitrate range to 2000-3500 to get reasonably
legible CCs. CCs aren't perfect, but good enough for me to make sense of
them most of the time.

Perhaps if you play with your recording profiles, you can get better 
results with your PVR-250? If not, at least you know someone is managing 
with the PVR-150.

As for stereo, I'm using my PC's onboard analog line out plugged into my 
TV's rca jacks. AFAIK, I've got stereo, sounds good to me, but I 
wouldn't describe myself as an audiophile and they are TV speakers.


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