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Wed Jan 23 03:22:30 UTC 2008

    > Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 14:09:40 -0500
    > From: Chris Pinkham <cpinkham at bc2va.org>

    > I didn't say this was the butterfly that caused a hurricane, I just
    > said that it was unsupported.  IE, it's not a known working config.
    > In fact there are known bugs that, to date, none of the developers
    > have shown any interest in fixing because there isn't much of a
    > reason to run a backend without any tuners.

It might be interesting for those who know about the bugs to put
together a page on the wiki detailing what those bugs are.  This
would accomplish two goals:
(a) It would be a single place to refer people when pointing out that
    their tunerless backend is an unsupported configuration, so they
    know why it's unsupported.
(b) It would be a good place for those who might be interested in
    fixing those bugs to begin.

After all, if the devs know about particular bugs but aren't
interested in fixing them, making those bugs easier for -others-
to find might at least get them some patches for review that would
make the bugs vanish with only the time required for devs to review
them.  But vague mumblings about "here be bugs" with no further
explanations raise the bar too high---those who aren't running
such configurations, or who haven't been bitten by the problems,
have an unbounded search space (are there bugs? how many? where?),
and those who -are- running those configurations but haven't been
bitten yet similarly have neither the incentive nor the skill to
find them, since again they could be -anywhere-.  Sure, since the
devs don't run these configurations, there are probably bugs they
don't know about---but they could at least document the ones they
-do- know about.

In addition, people who don't happen to already know that they must
search the archives for "tunerless backend" might not even suspect
that there's a problem, and this way they might encounter it if
they're reading the documentation, since documentation elsewhere
could point to the page in a way it can't easily point into the

[cpinkham's messages 20080119065928.GA15382 at panther.bc2va.org and
20080120191226.GD16902 at panther.bc2va.org (which detail one issue
with tunerless backends) and also his mention of dummy tuners in
20080120052014.GA19486 at panther.bc2va.org (or, rather, pointers or the
text of messages describing them) might be suitable starting points
for such a page; given some content, presumably it might attract other
content detailing other issues with running a tunerless backend and/or
get updated as people submit patches to solve them.]

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