[mythtv-users] TV Out quality (S-Video) on Epia M1000

Michael J. Hammel mythtv at graphics-muse.com
Mon Jan 21 20:25:58 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-01-21 at 12:56 +0000, Tim Phipps wrote:
> I'm using the composite output on mine which is good enough for PAL TV. 
> As other have said use 720x576Noscale in xorg.conf and disconnect the 
> monitor from the VGA before booting. I can only get monochrome from the 
> s-video in my set-up. No idea why and it's a shame since the picture is 
> a bit shaper than the composite output. (It's s-video into a s-video to 
> scart connector)

I've tried the noscale setting (720x480Noscale in the US) but didn't
notice any difference.  I've not physically disconnected the VGA,
however.  I just disabled it in the BIOS.  That would be an easy one to
test.  I'll try that tonight.

My S-Video is not to SCART.  It's just a simple 4 pin to 4 pin

Thanks for the tips.
Michael J. Hammel <mythtv at graphics-muse.com>

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