[mythtv-users] Is the Multirec update compatable with the HD-5000?

Marc drayson at net1plus.com
Mon Jan 21 03:58:27 UTC 2008

Ok never mind. It seems to be working now.. Or at least it says it should
be. The upcoming recording show no conflicts but the start time is not until
about 12 tonight for my test.

Think it had something to do with the fact that I had previously told it to
start recording all 6 channels when the shows had already started. I didn't
give it time to organize them by group.




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Initially it is a simple question. Yes or No?


If yes, then I'm doing something wrong.

I updated to 15508 today. Following the instructions I read I opened
mythtv-setup and deleted all tuners and recreated them one by one.

I have 3 HD-5000's in my system. I set max recording for 2 on all 3 of them.
I checked the capturecard table and confirmed that 6 DVB tuners were

When choosing the input source I made sure to set all of them to their own
DVB# item. I tried setting only one group and when that didn't work I set
both groups to the same.

To test I selected 6 shows all airing on different channels but making sure
to pair them so that only 3 multiplex were being used.

I should have had 6 recordings going at the same time. Instead I had 3 and 3


What did I do wrong?


I am including the capturecard, cardinput, and inputgroup tables from my
database as text files for review.




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