[mythtv-users] Updated Master_iconmap & starchoice satellite

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Jan 20 22:08:55 UTC 2008

On 01/20/2008 12:08 PM, Jeremy Baker wrote:
> I have never had channel icons until last week when I saw some posts here that 
> recommended downloading a master_iconmap.xml file and running these two 
> commands  
> mythfilldatabase --import-icon-map master_iconmap.xml --reset-icon-map all 
> and 
> mythfilldatabase --import-icon-map master_iconmap.xml --update-icon-map
> Once mythfilldatabase made its scheduled run, I started getting icons.  
> Unfortunately, not all of my channels got an icon.  I then went to the 
> Lyngsat website, found urls for all my missing icons, and updated the 
> master_iconmap.xml file appropriately.  After running the above two commands 
> again, I now have icons on every channel.

Thank you for saying so.  This might be the encouragement some users 
need to finally get some channel icons.

> The point of this post is to offer 
> up my updated master_iconmap.xml file so that the channels that I added can 
> be used by the rest of the mythtv community.  Who or where should I send the 
> file to?  If it is relevant, I use starchoice satellite in eastern canada.

Since 0.21 contains a completely reworked method of retrieving channel 
icons, there's not much developer interest in modifying 
master_iconmap.xml manually.  The new mechanism will take "user 
feedback"--i.e. users who use the search function to find the icon for 
their channels can report the info back to MythTV automatically and 
developers can "accept" the recommendations once enough people have 
submitted similar suggestions.  These accepted icons will then be 
avialable in the new "master iconmap" (from which you can generate a 

Therefore, my recommendation is to create a page on the wiki with the 
additions (and only additions to keep it as short as possible) you made 
to master_iconmap.xml.  Those who want icons before 0.21 is released can 
download the master_iconmap.xml and copy/paste your additions (and those 
of anyone else interested in contributing).  Please link to the new page 
from http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Channel_icons .


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