[mythtv-users] * Please help -- can't schedule recordings (but can record with R, can view guide)

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Fri Jan 18 22:42:20 UTC 2008

Enigma wrote:
>> Mythfrontend runs as
>> user 'mythtv' even if you are running as root. 
> This is not correct, at least in my experience.  Do you have a citation?

Sorry, you are correct on this point. I was thinking he was running as 
user mythtv.

>> Mysql 'owns' the
>> scheduling process
> I don't know what 'owns' is supposed to mean in this context, but the 
> scheduling thread is spawned by mythbackend and runs under whatever user 
> the backend is running. 

No it does not. My backend runs as 'root' which causes problems it the 
frontend is started as user 'mythtv' and the backend crashes: the user 
(my wife!) cannot restart the backend as 'service mythbackend restart' 
requires root privilege.
So the system runs as root.

BUT, although 'root' spawns the mysql processes, they are run by and 
'owned' by user 'mysql'.

That is where I had my problem. Mysql could not write to /tmp as the 
permissions disallowed that...even though it was the backend, started as 
root, which was (indirectly) calling for it.'

  Similarly, mythfilldatabase runs as the same
> user as the backend if using automatic updates,
Yes, mfdb does, but not the mysql process.

  or as the user who's
> crontab spawns it whwn run from cron. 

Same as above.

  It is unclear to which of these
> instances you are referring since you refer to the "scheduling process" 
> but then talk about mythfilldatabase failing (2 different activities), 
> but either way,

< if he is running the backend as root the scheduler
> thread is running as root and any automatic updates will run as root.

No, only the backend internal scheduling process runs as root, but as 
soon as mysql becomes involved (writing to the db etc., or as in my 
case, attempting to create temporary tables) then mysql's permissions 
are the operative constraint.

> To the OP:  Do the programs you record from LiveTV have correct metadata 
> when viewed in the Recorded Programs list?  Have you tried running 
> mythbackend with '-v all' and looked at the log when the recording was 
> scheduled and when the recording is due to start?  Do manual 
> (time-based) recordings work?  Does your upcoming recordings screen have 
> any listings?  Is the time correct on your backend?

All good questions: More information  required.

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