[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend Freezes on Video Playback

g g at deprecated.net
Fri Jan 18 16:12:52 UTC 2008

On Jan 16, 2008 11:31 AM, Mache Creeger <mache at creeger.com> wrote:

> Before I upgraded the Nvidia drivers from 100 to 169, video playback
> (both Watch TV and Play Pre-recorded) worked perfectly.
> After the upgrade I get a black screen that freezes mythfrontend.
> Any ideas?
> -- Mache Creeger
> I am running Fedora 7, kernel, and have the atrpms
> 169.07 nvidia rpms as per wilsonet instructions, and have a Nvidia
> 6200 AGP video card.   I erased and reloaded the nvidia 169.07
> drivers once already. I have used the nvidia-grpahics-switch to set
> drivers to 169.07.
> <<snip>>

"May not help, but..."  When I was running Fedora 7 three months ago I had
the same issue but intermittent, along with random lockups after a couple of
hours of idling. I think it was because I was using XFS, though. I found out
later it doesn't play nice with the Fedora kernel.
I solved it by going to Ubuntu and JFS for the frontend--no probs now.
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