[mythtv-users] Help with xmltv UK (Radiotimes) and MythTV?

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Fri Jan 18 15:28:53 UTC 2008

Nick Morrott wrote:
> I've just added support for dynamically-created timeshifted channels
> and will commit support for creating FreeView listings from existing
> Radio Times data later today hopefully (bug-testing at the moment).
> These new features will only be available from XMLTV CVS until the
> next version of XMLTV is released.
> Making it straightforward to get the RT listings into MythTV (or other
> XMLTV-aware projects) without much fuss is next on my priority list. I
> hope to make it easy (or easier at least) to configure listings for
> all major UK/Ireland platforms. In the first instance, this may well
> be via some scripts, but there are plans in the XMLTV dev community to
> realise proper platform/service provider support.
> Currently as David said, a large amount of tinkering is required to
> get XMLTV IDs applied to your existing DVB channels - this will also
> be remedied with this work, as will creating entirely new channel
> lists with the correct/preferred channel numbers and names.
So far as support for the new xmltv functionality in Myth is concerned, one of 
the things that has puzzled me with the existing setup is this: Why is it 
necessary to have a static <sourcename>.xmltv file for UK users?

Because of this, it is necessary for the user to keep three things in step: the 
relationship between the RT ID and the xmltvid; the list of xmltvids in 
<sourcename>.xmltv, and the xmltvid relationship to the channel concerned in the 

If one edits the database via the frontend or via mythweb, one also has to 
remember to edit *in step* the related <sourcename>.xmltv file. This step is 
easy to forget, which means that the next mythfilldatabase run promptly adds 
back in channels where it finds a discrepancy. And one has to make sure that any 
copies of this file under various userids are also kept in step.

I suggest that after the initial mythfilldatabase run which (through use of a 
switch) builds the correct channel:RT ID relationships, mythfilldatabase 
subsequently just extracts the xmltvid list from the database when required, 
possibly as a temporary <foo>.xmltv file. This would ensure that the various 
linkages are kept in lockstep.

I did look at the relevant code a while back, and it seems that, as the UK 
portion of the code is tested for separately, this shouldn't be too difficult to 

Mike Perkins

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