[mythtv-users] 2 second delay on video (and is there a way to get rid of it?)

James Paige jamesp at westcoastaerospace.com
Thu Jan 17 19:29:07 UTC 2008

Hi there. I recently set up mythtv via the mythbuntu packages using a
PVF-350 tuner card.

I connected it to my antennae, and was able to get local channels,
although when I connected my old television and my mythtv box to the
antennae simultaneously and tune them to the same channel, I noticed
that the mythtv box was displaying with about a 2 second delay.

I have searched around in the archives of this list, and understand that
  the delay is intentional, and necessary for recording and commercial
flagging, correct?

Next I attached a camera to my PVR-350's S-Video input. This displays,
but it also has a 2 second delay. My goal is to have this camera in
another building (connected by a high-speed cable) and if I a person
standing in front of the camera calls me on the phone, I would like
their mouth to sync up with their words.

In the channel editor, I marked the camera's channel as being
"Commercial Free", hoping that it would eliminate the delay, but it made
no difference.

So, does anybody know how I can git rid of (or at least minimize) this 2
second delay?

[my apologies if this reaches the list twice. it didn't seem to work the 
first time]

James Paige
West Coast Aerospace, Inc.

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