[mythtv-users] Is trac status meaningful? (guaging 0.21 release)

Doug Meredith doug.meredith at skyridge.com
Thu Jan 17 13:42:28 UTC 2008

I've been watching the 0.21 milestone in trac for a few months and it
always seems to have about 80% of the tickets complete.  I'm curious if
the developers update the ticket status regularly or not.  I guess what
I'm wondering is this:  are we going to see this 80% gradually grow to
100% before a release occurs, or is a release just magically going to
occur some day without this happening?


I hope nobody misunderstands my intent with this post.  I'm not pushing
or demanding a release.  I realize that the developers do this work for
free and on their own schedules.  I'm grateful for all of their efforts.



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