[mythtv-users] 3 minor issues

Harry Devine lifter89 at comcast.net
Thu Jan 17 00:38:52 UTC 2008

I have 2 tuners setup in my Myth setup:  a pcHDTV5500 and a Firewire 
connection to my STB.  I have 1 video source defined for my 
SchedulesDirect data, and I use that one source for both tuners.  Now, 
when I go into mythtv-setup and scan for channels on the pcHDTV5500, I 
get alot of UNKNOWN#110, etc (due to Comcast encrypting almost 
everything via 5C, I suspect.  Bastards!).  If I go to the Firewire 
input and click "Fetch channels from listing source", nothing changes.  
I still have the same set of channels (the 50 that are considered OTA 
and the rest as UNKNOWN#xxx).  Do I need to setup a 2nd SchedulesDirect 
lineup and set the Firewire input source to that one?

Secondly, whenever my Myth box reboots (maintenance, power outage, 
etc.), the mythbackend process restarts as expected, but it changes the 
channel on my STB to channel 117.  How can I either stop this from 
happening, or at least change it to a different channel?

Lastly, I have asked this before, but none of the suggestions have 
worked, so I thought I'd ask again.  I installed the 11/19/07 SVN rpm 
and since then, I can't get mythfrontend to start automatcally.  I've 
tried /usr/bin/mythfrontend in /etc/rc.local but that doesn't work.  I 
had MythDora 4.0 on FC6 installed originally.

Thanks for any help!

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