[mythtv-users] AppleTV 2 and MythTV

Andrew Gallatin gallatin at cs.duke.edu
Wed Jan 16 14:54:08 UTC 2008

Florin Andrei [florin at andrei.myip.org] wrote:
> Peter A. Daly wrote:
> > Apple today announced the AppleTV 2, their second generation set-top device.
> > Personally, I'm excited to see where this will go.  What do you think?
> Can AppleTV2 do DLNA? If yes, then MythTV is a DLNA server, and voila, 
> instant integration without having to run MythTV on the Apple box.

But then you loose all the cool features of mythfrontend, like
commercial skipping (unless you reall trust the flagging and transcode
out the commercials) and timestretch.


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