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Dean Harding dean.harding at dload.com.au
Wed Jan 16 06:00:18 UTC 2008

Dewey Smolka wrote:
> My apologies to all the women on the list, but they're strangely like
> this. Have you ever seen a wife/fiancee pack a suitcase? It doesn't
> matter what size the suitcase is or how long the trip is, but she'll
> fill it to overflowing and then try to fit more in. Why on earth you
> need three pairs of shoes (besides the pair you're wearing) for one
> weekend is something my wife has never been able to explain to me,
> although her friends seem to think this is normal.
> I do remember have a similar problem to Bryan's. We had Myth running
> first for MythMusic and MythVideo. Only later did we add the PVR
> capability, and only later did I discover that my wife wanted to
> record pretty much everything on the Food Channel all the time and
> keep it all forever even though she'd never watch a single thing
> twice. Heck, she even gets frustrated if I want to watch a film we've
> seen before (unless it's one of the Lord of the Rings or anything with
> Russell Crowe).
> The compromise we eventually struck was that 1) We'd keep a maximum of
> 10 episodes per show; 2) She would delete whatever episode after
> watching it.; 3) she'd tell me on a show-by-show basis whether to
> expire the old and record the new (like with Rachel Ray's dreadful
> chat show) or to stop recording new episodes until she had dealt with
> the old (like with Rachel Ray's dreadful
> here's-how-you-put-basil-and-oregano-into-maccaroni-and-cheese daily
> chatfest).
> This caused much friction until it became clear to both of us that the
> shows she actually watched (and subsequently deleted) almost never
> maxed out to the 10 allocated episodes, and the shows she thought she
> wanted she rarely watched -- nor were they particularly time
> dependent. Emeril is not going to sautee shrimp any differently in
> January than he did in September.
> Of course this compromise did not come easily. To my everlasting
> shame, I got in the habit of recording every baseball game every day.
> My wife has a very good argument that a four-hour ball game (I always
> add 60 minutes because you never know how it will turn out) is a whole
> lot more wasteful of space than a cooking show. Living in Chicago I
> discovered that I will watch the Cubs, no matter who they're playing
> or how unlikely they are to win; I hate watching the White Sox unless
> they're playing the Indians or unless I am reasonably certain that
> they'll be killed and Ozzie Guillen will launch a profanity-laced
> tirade at some point; and I pretty much never watch the Braves. Ever.
> No matter who they're playing (unless it's the Cubs).
> Anyway, the long and the short of it is that we only keep 10 episodes
> of things on the Food Channel, and I don't record Braves games or
> White Sox games (unless they're playing Cleveland, or if the Cubs are
> off).
> Marriage is all about compromise, and it would be wise to sort that
> out before you make the leap. I know that there are many worse things
> than spending the rest of your life watching Rachel Ray (or Oprah) but
> sometimes, after a hard day, when you're tired and thirsty, when The
> Man's bringing you down, you'd rather just watch a ball game than
> learn interesting new ways to cut  a carrot.
> But the practical takeaway here is that you can limit the number of
> episodes per title, and you can decide whether to keep the ones you
> have or expire the old and record the new.

That whole rant is worth it just for mental challenge of trying to parse 
the rules you have for whether a baseball game is worth watching or not...

I guess it must be an American thing :p~


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