[mythtv-users] am i dropping frames?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jan 15 17:33:20 UTC 2008

Steve Peters - Priority Electronics wrote:

> ____________________________________________________________
> Beww, so are you saying that this might be normal for myth recordings? Is
> everyone using mythtv stuck with this kind of playback problem? It's not the
> artifacts that are the problem, it's the lack of smooth playback that is the
> problem. I just don't see how any sports fan could put up with this. I go to
> other people's houses and watch sports there and I think to myself...I'd
> better not invite them over to my place to watch sports, cause that will
> make my mythtv setup look really bad.
> -Thanks

No, you should be able to get a recording (and playback) that most
viewers would not be able to tell from "live" TV, unless you have some
very critical (and observant) viewers.

If you are not, the first thing to do is determine if the problem is
with the recording or the playback. Try playing back a known good
recording, then try playing back a Myth recording with something other
than Myth.

The recording you posted looked pretty good to me except for the
interlace artifacts.


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