[mythtv-users] Remote control not working in MythWelcome after hibernate

Foppe Benedictus foppe.benedictus at knkv.net
Tue Jan 15 07:14:35 UTC 2008

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MPR List schreef:
| Pardon me to bump my own message...
| But the issue has become even more severe now that I have moved the
| HTPC interiors to an Antec Fusion V2 case, which is located in the TV
| rack.
| Now that the case comes with a built-in IR receiver, is there any
| chance to use that instead of the dongle for the TV card? I don't
| think the Hauppauge remote is MCE compatible though...

I have a kind of the same question, I also have the Antec Fusion V2 but
a MCE remote and can't get it working. With mode2 I get a output but
when using a lircd.conf from the web irw doesn't do anything, the same
with a licrd.conf I made myself with irrecord (not all buttons
configured, but that shouldn't matter, does it?) or when I use the codes
that mode2 gives me, irw doesn't respond.
Yes, I have adjusted hardware.conf (I use Ubuntu with Mythbuntu installed).
Is there anyway I can see the codes are correct and where it goes wrong?

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