[mythtv-users] Remote control not working in MythWelcome after hibernate

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Tue Jan 15 05:22:33 UTC 2008

On 1/6/08, MPR List <mpr.list at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hello MythTV-users!
> As stated in the topic, the remote control for my Hauppauge Nova-T 500 DVB-T
> card is not working in MythWelcome after resume from hibernate.
> I am using ACPI wakeup and as my system will not wake up from a complete power
> off, I hibernate the system instead. Waking up for scheduled recordings works
> fine, as well as going back to S4 sleep state after the desired period of
> idleness.
> The remote control used to be adressed as /dev/input/eventX where the X would
> vary after hibernation, thus causing it to be non functional (except the
> arrow keys, which by the way do work in MythWelcome too) in the frontend.
> I have solved this problem by creating a udev link called /dev/input/remote
> and pointing the /etc/lirc/hardware.conf to the link instead of the eventX.
> When I power on the Myth box, MythWelcome will instantly start the countdown
> to shut down again and pressing the OK button on the remote to start the
> frontend doesn't do a thing. I will have to press space or return on the
> keyboard (which I ultimately want to get rid off when the HTPC will move to
> the living room). Also the menu button on the remote will not bring up the
> menu. If I open it with M on the keyboard, the arrow keys on the remote will
> let me select the menu options though... In the frontend, the remote always
> works after hibernation.
> I think you get the point...
> I already changed the focus settings of XFCE, that did not help.
> If I launch irw in a ssh session while the MythBox is in MythWelcome, I can
> see every keypress.
> The facts that the arrow keys always work and ALL keys work after a cold
> boot/reboot make me assume that MythWelcome is addressing the remote control
> as /dev/input/eventX where the X only matches the remote before the system
> got hibernated the first time.
> Still, the only config file I found that mentions the remote as a device
> is /etc/lirc/hardware.conf.
> Now some info on my system:
> Asus P4B266-LM mainboard with a P4 1.8 GHz and 664 MB RAM
> GeForce 6200 256 MB NVidia Driver 100.14.11
> Hauppauge Nova-T 500 (set up as described in and config files for the remote
> from  the wiki)
> MythBuntu 7.10, MythTV 0.20.2
> Rock on,
> Jan
> PS: This is my first post on a mailing list ever, be gentle... ;)

Pardon me to bump my own message...

But the issue has become even more severe now that I have moved the
HTPC interiors to an Antec Fusion V2 case, which is located in the TV
After a cold boot the remote works in MythWelcome, but once hibernated
and woken up again, I need to start a VNC session on my laptop just to
press "Start Frontend". In the frontend the remote will work just
fine, like before...

Now that the case comes with a built-in IR receiver, is there any
chance to use that instead of the dongle for the TV card? I don't
think the Hauppauge remote is MCE compatible though...

Rock on,

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