[mythtv-users] HDHomerun issues - backend crashes

Matt Emmott memmott at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 02:20:44 UTC 2008

> I'm looking at this line:
> 2008-01-12 18:17:52.429 ChannelBase(4) Error: InitializeInputs():
>                         Could not get inputs for the capturecard.
>                         Perhaps you have forgotten to bind video
>                         sources to your card's inputs?
> Did you set up your sources, and then assign your digital cable list
> of sources to the HD Homerun?  It looks like it's trying to tune
> analog channel 3, so I'd guess not.
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That may have been a holdover from my previous tuners. So I went into Myth
and deleted all tuners, and followed the steps in the Wiki one step at a
time. Same result, so I ran the yum upgrade \*myth\* and started from
scratch yet again. Same result again although it lasted a bit longer before

The two HD channels that it found came in, but that brings up the other
issue that I'm going to elaborate on. When I first got the HDHomerun I
installed the utility on my Windows machine, scanned for channels and I
found more channels than the Myth box is finding - In addition to Fox and
CBS which my mythbox sees, it also found Fox, WGBH and NESN. Myth's scanning
found a ton of channels like 80#5, 82#10, etc. I assume that most of these
are the QAM channels used for PPV etc, which up until a couple weeks ago
came in on my TV.  Now if I knew for sure which of these channels were
actually 'bad' I could exclude them in the channel editor, but since I
haven't found all the 'good' channels I don't know where to go from here.
Anybody have any ideas?
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