[mythtv-users] Program not found in PAT! again!

Ben Ward mythtv at crouchingbadger.com
Sun Jan 13 00:39:10 UTC 2008

My MythTV backend is pretty stable, except occasionally I end up with
several gigs of logfile because of this really (really) irritating error

2008-01-13 00:16:52.904 Program #108 not found in PAT!
Program Association Table
 PSIP tableID(0x0) length(21) extension(0x3)
      version(26) current(1) section(0) last_section(0)
         tsid: 3
 programCount: 3
  program number 0 has PID 0x  10   data  0x0 0x0 0x224 0x16
  program number 55500 has PID 0x  1e   data  0x216 0x204 0x224 0x30
  program number 50 has PID 0x  32   data  0x0 0x50 0x224 0x50

Despite numerous googlings, searching through my gmail mythtv-users, and
trying to find the offending table in mythconverg I am still no closer to
finding out how to resolve this problem when it persists.  Suggestions
include "upgrade to 0.20.0" (which I'm on) and "Rescan channels" (which I

The most recent occurrence mentioned on the mailing list was over Christmas
when someone (probably another sodding quiz channel) shifted the channels
around, but my disk started to fill up with these logs about 3 days ago
(10th Jan 2008).  I rebooted a few times wondering if it was the old
Hauppauge disconnect firmware bug thing, I also tried re-scanning the
channels on two separate occasions and still I'm getting this message.

I don't care any more if Program #108 is found in the PAT(!) or not.  I
couldn't care less if I'm not getting the Numberwang channel.  I just want
a) stop thrashing the disk like crazy and
b) filling it up with debug info (which should be in a separate log level if
you ask me).

Can anyone lovely tell me where in mythconverg or the config I can do this
and save my poor ailing hardware?


ben at crouchingbadger.com | http://crouchingbadger.com
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