[mythtv-users] MythTV - Video Distribution Solution?

jedi at mishnet.org jedi at mishnet.org
Mon Jan 14 19:38:07 UTC 2008

> At 11:15 AM 1/14/2008, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
>>On Jan 14, 2008 1:07 PM, MythTV
>><<mailto:mythtv at hermon.net>mythtv at hermon.net> wrote:
>>Hi everyone!
>>Yes.  The frontends would connect to the master backed and receive
>>programming and DVR functionality from all the backends.
>>I ask because we also have DVD players we want to add as a source (a
>>single channel in the program guide) and to be available to staff. (We
>>realize that remote control of the DVD players isn't possible this way.)
>>As a suggestion, you would be better off providing ISO copies or
>>DVD-rips of the materials stored on the server and using MythVideo
>>to present them in a gallery format rather than attempting to
>>manipulate a DVD player on an s-video input.
> As a school district, which is accountable to the public, you would
> have to be careful about showing a ripped DVD simultaneously to
> different audiences. Under the terms of the single DVD license, you

OTOH, they might also be using materials with separate considerations
for educational use. A lot of programs are like that. You even see
that on educable a lot of times. They will specify for how long a
particular show can be re-used for educational purposes.

> are only able to duplicate usage as if you would have one physical
> DVD. Once you rip a DVD to an ISO file, myth gives you the capability
> to have multiple viewers each view the DVD content, all playing at
> different parts of the movie, at the same time. This would be a
> fundamental breach of DVD license terms and could get you into
> trouble. I would talk to the school district counsel for more detail
> about this and other similar aspects of using myth.

With education, it's hard to judge. Although you can't go wrong
consulting an actual attorney about this sort of thing...


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