[mythtv-users] OT: Fox WTXF reception and Myth

Brian C. Huffman bhuffman at graze.net
Sun Jan 13 22:09:26 UTC 2008


Is there anyone south of Philly (Bear, DE) that is able to pick up WTXF-DT?  I've got an antenna mounted in the attic that picks everything else up (DT) from Philly (CBS, NBC, ABC, WHYY CW, etc) but the auto-scan in mythtvsetup doesn't find Fox.  I use the normal terrestrial 8-VSB scan and I believe it reports "no tables" for Fox.

At one point, I tried to use some information I found to populate the channel using the correct frequency in the channels table in the DB (but didn't know what to put for multiplex) and I'm sure the signal strength showed up as 60% but couldn't full lock.  Is there something special that needs to be done to pick up this signal?

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