[mythtv-users] About to move to FIOS...couple of questions

Steven Sartorius ssartor at bellatlantic.net
Sat Jan 12 19:09:19 UTC 2008


I've been happily using MythTV for a couple of years now with an  
analog cable feed from Comcast.  But in the last month Verzion FIOS  
has shown up in my area so I'm about to take the plunge :)  I've got  
a couple of questions...

1.	In my currrent setup I split my cable feed between my (cable  
ready) TV and my Myth box (PVR-150).  This way I can watch regular TV  
on one channel while recording with Myth on another.  My  
understanding is that with FIOS (or with any digital TV feed that  
requires a STB) in order to get this same behavior I'll need two  
STBs.  I will still split my signal; one leg will run to a STB  
connected to the TV and the other leg to a STB connected to the Myth  
box.  Myth will change channels via an IR Blaster to the STB.  Is my  
understanding correct?  FWIW, I've read that Verizon makes the first  
40 or so channels available in analog so it is possible just to run  
the coax into the PVR-150 and record that way -- however I want to be  
able to record all the channels I receive.

Also, everything I'm trying to do now is in SD -- I'll cross the HD  
bridge when I buy my first HDTV later this year.

2.	With the setup I describe above do I need to replace my PVR-150?   
Since I'm running the cable feed through the STB before I output it  
to the Myth box I'm assuming the STB takes the digital feed (ATSC,  
MPEG2) and converts it to NTSC analog.  Is this correct?

thanks for any help on this...


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