[mythtv-users] Linux sucks -- so thinking of virtualizing MythTV

William Munson w.munson at comcast.net
Sun Jan 13 02:50:52 UTC 2008

Marc Barrett wrote:
> I am getting sick and tired of the inability to play h.264 1080p
> videos under Linux without pausing and stuttering, while the 
> same system can play them under Windows flawlessly. 
> Basically, you need a really fast system to play 1080p videos
> under Linux, while a much slower system, along with a moderate
> video card such as an nvidia 6200 and a PureVideo player,
> will do the job nicely under Windows.  This is the exact opposite
> of the way things are supposed to be traditionally.
> So, what I am planning to do is get an HDHomeRun and 
> virtualize the MythTV installation under Windows.  That way I
> could have the recordings saved to a shared partition, and 
> play them with Windows Media Player or some other player
> that supports PureVideo.  This will obviously have problems
> in terms of speed, so I need ideas for options here.
> One idea I am exploring to speed things up a bit is to use
> a SQL database running natively under Windows to speed
> things up a bit, so the SQL doesn't have to run under the
> virtualization. 
> I am also exploring what virtualization to use.  My system is
> an old 2.6Ghz Pentium 4 system, so it does not have the
> hardware virtualization stuff that the newer Intel and AMD 
> processors have.  I'd like to use the fastest 
> virtualizor available, but I don't know which one.  I've read
> good things about Parallels, but there is also colinux, which
> I've used in the past and which isn't bad despite the lack of 
> attention that it gets.
> Of course, all this wouldn't be needed if Linux could play 
> HD content on older systems as well as Windows, but 
> somehow I don't see that happening.

All you need to do is wait a bit and the full native windows port of 
myth will be a reality. Its about 60% ready now and should be in the 
next release.

Good things come to those who wait :)

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