[mythtv-users] Recordings stopping early

Kelly Shutt tetrahedron at whycomehere.com
Sat Jan 12 04:27:41 UTC 2008

I've had this issue for the last week or two and can't figure out what 
the problem is.  I don't recall changing anything that might have caused 
this to happen.  For some reason all my scheduled recordings stop 5 
minutes early; even if I specifically configure it to stop recording 
later than the end of the show.  I have double checked the actually 
recording files in an external player and shows that are scheduled to 
record for 1 hour plus 5 minutes late, which should give 65 minutes of 
recorded time, are only being recorded for 55 minutes.  I have also 
verified that this is happening across multiple recording schedules.  
Anyone have any suggestions on where to start looking?  I'm pretty 
knowledgeable at troubleshooting most problems; but this one kind of has 
me stumped.  Is there maybe some setting in the database that could be 
causing this to happen?

I do have the storage directory for mythtv setup as a NFS mount; but I 
haven't seen anything to indicate that it's having problems with the 
NFS, play back and everything seems to work fine.  I also have plenty of 
disk space available on all drives.


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