[mythtv-users] Multithreaded? Duo vs Quad?

Reid Anderson reidsanderson at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 21:36:37 UTC 2008

Ok, so I'm buying the Shuttle SG33G5 for my first MythTV box and it has a
Socket 775.  I'm going with an Intel Core 2 processor, but I have one big
decision to make...  Quad 2.4 vs Duo 3.0.  I can find a Quad 2.4GHz for $289
and a Duo 3.0GHz for $299.  How multithreaded is MythTV?  Will the extra $10
for the Quad Core be worth the money (and the tradeoff to 2.4GHz)?  Also, I
can get the Quad for $259 and the Duo for $279 in OEM versions (without the
retail box and fan).  I've been told that the Shuttle can be a little louder
than advertised, so I suspect that I will benefit from an aftermarket fan
rather than the one included in the box, so if anyone has experience of
thoughts on getting an OEM vs a Retail, I'd love to hear it.

Side note, is it worth it for me to get either of these processors or should
I drop down to 2.66 or 2.33 Duo and save $100?

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