[mythtv-users] MythTV as a Gift (Hardware Recommendations)

Lindsay Mathieson lindsay at softlog.com.au
Fri Jan 11 00:35:36 UTC 2008

Michael Nguyen wrote:
> Ok... Hauppauge HVR-1600?  What would you guys get?  How many tuners 
> would you have? 
> This might sound strange, but I haven't owned a TV since 1994 so this 
> is a particularly hard gift for me to judge.  I take it you want more 
> than one tuner so you can record with one and watch with another?  
> Would I want two HVR-1600s?  Is this even the right brand I should be 
> going for?

Yah, two tuner min so you can record and watch at the same time. However 
there is a Myth axiom - you can never have to many tuners :) Have three 
on mine, others have many more.

However as pointed out the PVR-500 is dual tuner so you're covered 
there, and there are alternatives (USB, Net streamers) that don't use 
PCI slots.

To start of with I'd go with dual tuners, its enough and you can always 
expand later. The PVR-500 sounds ok but I have never used it myself.

Softlog Systems

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